Explores 3 Important Types of Commercial Insurance in Valdosta, Albany, GA, Sylvester, GA, Moultrie, GA, and Tifton

You spend countless hours working hard to keep your business afloat. But are you doing everything you can to keep your business protected against everyday risks? While there are several types of commercial insurance options available to you, we believe that some types of protection are more important than others.

Man on Forklift in Warehouse with Commercial Insurance in Valdosta, Albany, GA, Sylvester, GA, Moultrie, GAHere are three of the most important types of commercial insurance:

  • Business Interruption Insurance – What happens when disasters interrupt your business? Whether it’s a storm, fire, or some other sort of damage, business interruption insurance keeps your business flowing by covering expenses such as relocation, payroll, taxes, loans, etc.
  • Employment Practices Liability Insurance – Employment Practices Liability Insurance, also known as EPLI, is an important form of commercial insurance coverage that protects you against claims of employee rights violations. These claims may include wrongful termination, sexual harassment, emotional distress, etc.
  • Commercial Property Insurance – Whether you own your own building or not, commercial property insurance coverage protects against damages to your place of operation and/or equipment and machinery.

At Brownlee Agency Insurance Solutions, we offer comprehensive commercial insurance to Moultrie, GA, Tifton, Valdosta, Albany, GA, Sylvester, GA, and the surrounding areas. Extending a helping hand to other local businesses in the area, it’s our passion to help your business thrive by staying protected from a range of business risks. Whether you are just getting started or you’ve been in business for decades, we have a range of comprehensive and affordable commercial insurance solutions from over 25 of the nation’s top insurance carriers.

Not captive to a single insurance carrier, we help you compare and contrast insurance policies, arming you with the knowledge you need to make educated decisions when it comes to commercial insurance protection. When you choose Brownlee Agency Insurance Solutions, you are not only getting access to the best insurance solutions available, but a network of passionate agents ready to advocate for your best interests. Contact us today to learn more about commercial insurance for your Georgia business!