Three Reasons Why Your Auto Insurance Premiums Increase in Sylvester, GA, Valdosta, Albany, GA, Tifton, Moultrie, GA, and Nearby Cities

You rely on your vehicle to get you from point A to point B safely. But can you rely on your auto insurance coverage to provide you with the protection you need on the go?

Your auto insurance coverage has a big job to do–keep you protected! But if your auto insurance is no longer meeting your needs, then it may be time to look into switching your policy.

Girl Sitting in Car Smiling with Auto Insurance in Sylvester, GA, Valdosta, Albany, GA, Tifton, and Moultrie, GAAnother reason why you may be tempted to switch carriers is the rising cost of premiums. Unfortablely, rising premiums costs are normal. Here are the top three reasons why your auto insurance premiums are increasing:

  • Adding Cars to Policies

If you are adding a car to your current policy, then the premium will go up. Similarly adding a driver to your policy will also increase premiums.

  • Making a Claim

Filing a claim can increase your auto insurance premium. The amount that your premium will increase depends on the type of claim filed. For example, comprehensive claims lead to smaller increases than collision claims.

  • Driving Record

Your driving record will let your auto insurance carrier know if you are a risk to insure. Driving records include accident history, traffic violations, and other important information about your driving patterns.

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