Home Insurance in Albany, GA: Three Factors That Impact Home Insurance for Secondary Homes

If you own your own home then you should have home insurance coverage. Though not required by law in Georgia, home insurance coverage is required by most lenders and always a good idea! But what about home insurance for your second home?

Home Insurance in Moultrie, GA, Valdosta, Albany, GA, Sylvester, TiftonMuch like home insurance policies for your primary residence, home insurance for your second home offers similar protection as your main home insurance policy. However, secondary home insurance policies are typically higher due to multiple risk factors, especially homes being used as vacation homes or rentals.

Here are three factors that impact home insurance for secondary homes:

  • Occupancy – If your home is being used solely as a vacation home with minimal to no full-time occupancy, there are some risks to consider including increased risk of vandalism, burglary, and undetected hazards. These risks can increase your home insurance premium.
  • Location – Just like your primary home insurance policy, location is everything! If your home is on a waterfront or in a high-risk zone, then your home insurance coverage is apt to be higher.
  • Vacation Home – Vacation home features tend to increase home insurance coverage due to their bells and whistles. From hot tubs, saunas, pools, trampolines, etc., these features can increase your liability risk and home insurance expenses,

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